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Blue Onyx worrystone

A wonderful grab bag random pick of Blue Onyx tumbled worry stones. Blue Onyx is a gem that will hel..


Bone Worry stone

Held between the index finger and thumb, this worry "stone" has been carved from polished bone. Rub ..


Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant

Take your magical work with crystals to a new level with this hands-on guide packed with spells, rit..


Brotherhood of Light Egyptian tarot deck by Church of Light

Exploring Tarot, Kabala, astrology, numerology and the symbolism of Ancient Egypt, this fantastic ta..


Cat People tarot deck by Karen Kuykendall

The Cat People Tarot deck is a powerful blend of symbolism and the imagery of science fiction and fa..


Cat's Eye Tarot Deck by Debra Givin

Every card in the Cat's Eye Tarot tells a story, as depicted from the feline point of view, offering..


Celestial tarot deck by Steventon & Clark

Celestial Tarot is both a handbook of the heavens and an oracular guide to the inner life. The twent..


Chakras, Seven Doors of Energy (bk & 7 crystals) by Lo Scarabeo

The chakras are vortexes of energy that correspond to major areas of our lives, such as survival, se..


Chinese tarot deck by Jui Guoliang

Rendered in the rich style of traditional Chinese artwork, the vibrant colors and clear messages of ..


Conscious Spirit oracle deck by Kim Dreyer

This luminous 44-card deck is imbued with Kim Dreyer’s artistic vision and her passion for the natur..


Cosmic Crystals by Ashley Leavy

Living in sync with the rhythm of the lunar cycle is a powerful way to stay aligned to universal ene..


Crystal Directory, 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation by Sarah Bartlett New

Crystal Directory, 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation by Sarah Bartlett

The Crystal Directory is both a practical handbook packed with advice and a fascinating source book ..


Crystal Grid Secrets by Nicola McIntosh

Perfect for the novice to the highly experienced, plant medicine healer and crystal shaman, Nicola M..


Crystal oracle deck & book by Toni Carmine Salerno

Tap into the profound healing energies of the crystal world with this beautiful set of guidance card..


Crystal Witch by Robbins & Greenaway

In their follow-up to the popular Wiccapedia and other books in the Modern Witch series, Shawn Robbi..