Tumble Stones

Tumble Stones
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1 lb Agate, Botswana tumbled stones

Botswana Agate is a lucky grounding and protecting stone. A calming energy which makes it great when..


1 lb Amazonite tumbled stones

Amazonite is a receptive stone when worn or carried will help attract money luck especially while ga..


1 lb Amethyst tumbled stones

Amethyst is a very popular and powerful stone with ancient history of use. Amethyst may assist you i..


1 lb Ametrine tumbled stones

Ametrine is a quartz based crystal in which Amethyst and Citrine have formed within the same crystal..


1 lb Angelite tumbled stones

Angelite also called Anhydrite is a mineral that has the healing power of peacefulness. Its healing ..


1 lb Apatite tumbled stones

Apatite is a powerful aid in developing psychic abilities and strength as well as helping to open an..


1 lb Aquamarine tumbled stones

Aquamarine is the "stone of the Sea Goddess" with its element being water. The properties include st..


1 lb Coke Calcite tumbled stones

Coke Calcite tumbled stones, have rich deep warming colors. Calcite gemstone are believed to help yo..


1 lb Smoky Quartz tumbled stones

Appearing as though smoke were captured in stone, Smokey Quartz is a beautiful crystal that offers a..


1 lb Topaz, Lemon tumbled stones

Align with your highest good with Lemon Topaz. Lemon or yellow topaz assist you in manifesting your ..