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6-sided Garnet orgone pendulum

Energy healing Garnet orgone 6 sided pendulum. Garnet orgone is believed to emit intense high freque..


6-sided ogone Amethyst pendulum

6-sided Orgone Amethyst pendulum. Orgone is obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal partic..


7 ChakraMulti pendulum

This Chakra pendulum is layered with stone to coordinate with each Chakra. With all the different en..


Amethyst 7 Chakra pendulum

Discover how amethyst can aid in enhancing psychic ability, healing the mind, or achieving wisdom wi..


Assorted Faceted 6 side pendulum

These random assorted pendulums, featuring 6 faceted sizes and a point are perfect for your divinati..


Bloodstone 7 Chakra pendulum

Featuring a conical, bloodstone bob and a chain decorated with seven beads, chain end may come with ..


Evil Eye ball pendulum

There are many meanings across the different cultures with this symbol. Evil Eye is said to protect ..


Tourmaline, Black 7 Chakra 6 sided pendulum

A 6 sided Tourmaline pendulum, with a silver plated chain, having each of the 7 Chakra colors repres..


Various 7 Chakra ball pendulum

These assorted pendulums come with a smooth and highly polished gemstone sphere, adorned in a metal ..